Almirah is an Anglo-Indian word meaning cabinet or wardrobe; here it represents a vessel of possibility, tasked to hold stories, encounters, moments.

Almirah Radio produces sound, multimedia, and print pieces on social and cultural issues in contemporary India. Our interests range from urbanization, citizenship and environmental change to emerging art and creative discourse. Through investigative features, longform interviews, and artistic shorts, we aim to make media that is surprising and idiosyncratic–true to the nature of human interaction–and inspires continued questioning and contemplation.

Almirah Radio is produced by Henry Peck and Meara Sharma.

One comment

  1. nick

    Hello Henry and Meara,
    I love the cabinet concept. I have heard so far the wonderful piece on the songs of Hari and Sukhmani. Thank you for bringing their story to us.
    When are you coming back state side?
    xo, Kate

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