A Nightingale in Lodhi Gardens: Tritha Sinha


SPACE: Ritika Singh & Tritha Sinha

[audio https://almirahradio.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/tritha_sinha.mp3]

Download podcast (20 mins)

We first made eyes with Tritha on a blustery evening at Blue Frog in Delhi. As we pushed our way through the crowds she materialized on stage — draped in a shimmering sari, wailing. And we were mesmerized.

Tritha Sinha is sending sparks through India’s contemporary music scene with her silky, silvery voice. She’s also a firecracker female, bringing potent issues like gender violence and patriarchy to the fore of her lyrics, and challenging stereotypes about female musicians with her free-spirited and fiercely creative style.

Raised in culture-rich Calcutta and schooled in Hindustani classical vocals, Tritha’s musical chops and cultural charisma are apparent in the versatility of her projects and compositions. Though she cut her teeth singing in Bollywood revues, she now shifts effortlessly among ethno-punk Tritha Electric, dulcet SPACE, and her eponymous solo project, Tritha.

Tritha serenaded us at dusk in Delhi’s Lodhi gardens, as the crows came in to roost.

— Don’t miss her acoustic performance of Nizamuddin at 13:30.

Tritha Electric

Tritha Electric: Antoine Guinard, Tritha Sinha, Paul Schneiter

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